HKE 제품

축적된 기술과 품질관리로 릴레이의 표준을 만들어갑니다.

  • HRM2

    General purpose power relay

    Contact : 1 Form A, 1 Form C

  • CMA55

    Microminiature automotive relay

  • CMP6

    Miniature relay with high switching contact capacity, 20A/250VAC

  • HRM3

    Available in sealed and unsealed versions

    1 Form A contact configuration

  • CMA56/562

    Miniature automotive relay

  • HRA

    Microminiature relay, Contact: 1 Form C (SPDT)

  • HKE16

    DpST 16A Magnetic latching relay

    Energy-saving ans Environmental

  • CMP7

    High contact capacity in a compact package, up to 40A/250VAC

  • HRM4

    Small size, 5A contact current

  • CMA57

    2.8mm of Flat quick connection terminal

  • CMP8

    High contact capacity, up to 30A/250VAC

  • HKE17

    Magnetic Latching Relay

    Max.Surge Current 100A/2ms

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